FitzBrick Profile Line Block

Why the FitzBrick Profile Line Block Is An Essential Bricklaying Tool?

There are many bricklaying tools available. Through the decades, bricklayers and tool makers have been inventing and designing different tools to ensure make brick walls are plumb and square.

Some of these tools are satisfactory but most are inadequate and impractical. Until now. The FitzBrick Profile Line Block revolutionizes the bricklaying industry and makes laying brick walls faster and easier.

There are many good reasons why you should have this tool in your bricklaying tool arsenal. Keep reading to find out why you should own this tool today.

A Practical Bricklaying Tool

Not all bricklaying tools are practical. For example, the needed line to help guide bricklayers to build a straight wall is often hard to put up and pin in the right place.

As your wall goes higher, it is also time-consuming to move the line up. These problems are solved when you use the Profile Line Block. Not only is it easy to slide up or down but once in place it remains in place.

It is a very practical tool to have as it facilitates pulling a line when using profiles. Plus, with its superior quality construction, it will withstand the day-to-day mistreatment at building site.

This is an essential tool for any bricklayer as once in place it stays there until you move it.

The Profile Line Block

This bricklaying tool allows you to concentrate on your work. Once you have the profile lines set up, you just lay your bricks without worry. It is easy to use as the thumbscrews tighten the arms and hold onto the metal profile very securely.

There is only one thumbscrew to tighten cutting down on the time you have to spend setting up. The two wings hold the corner of the brick in place not letting move while you work.

Once you set that first brick in place, all you have to do is follow the line and you will have a straight wall. This easy-to-use bricklaying tool takes the work out of pulling your line.

When you are ready to move up a level in your wall, just loosen the screw, move the profile line block up to the position for the next course, and set your new brick in place. That is all there is to using this tool.

When you are done, it is small enough to fit into a toolbox or sit in a corner in your tool van or shed. It does not take up a lot of space.

Brick Line

The Profile Line Block allows you to work with corner-to-corner profiles (50 and 50.8 mm). Once in place, the lines will not move and all you have to do is lay your bricks.

The brick lines are secure and do not move until you loosen the thumbscrew and move the profile line block up or down the profile. When you are done, there is no effort to pack it away.

This is one of the best and most practical tools ever invented for bricklayers. Its ease of use will save you time and make using this device well worth the expense.

The thumbscrew makes pulling the line more accurate than the old-fashioned line-setting method. It saves you time, and can help you finish your work on schedule.

Bricklaying Profiles

Building brick walls is not always easy nor are the walls always in ideal locations. Most experienced bricklayers will tell you that it is no picnic positioning a profile when the location is complicated or awkward.

The FitzBrick Profile Line Block assists bricklayers when using profile as it facilitates pulling a line.

With its two-line design, you can work quickly and effortlessly on two walls at the same time. You should get a perfect corner every time you use this device.

It is easy to set up and take down when you do not need it.

This top-quality bricklaying tool should last you a long time. It is made to the highest standards using the best metals available. You may pay more for this tool but in the long run, it should last you a very long time under normal use.

The Dori Block-Competitor

Everyone knows that a customer designed and created the Dori Block. The Dori Block has long been a standard in the bricklaying industry. But The Dori Block is being challenged by a device that was designed by a bricklayer who knows what bricklayers need.

The FitzBrick Profile Line Block is the ideal tool to give the Dori Block a run for its money. The simple design makes the set-up faster and the two-line capability, once positioned on the profile ensures the wall is built correctly.


In addition, you do not have to worry about the extended side like the Dori block. Just set your lines and you are good to go. The two wings make sure that the first brick is set just right.

There is no complication, and no fuss when you use the FitzBrick Profile Line Block on your next bricklaying job.

Some Additional Words

When you are laying a lot of bricks, it pays to have a device that was designed by bricklayer for bricklayers. This is the main reason to own the FitzBrick Profile Line Block. It is a tool made by someone who knows the bricklaying business inside and out. 

It is easy to use. To see a demonstration of how easy it is to use, just go to our website and view the video. Act today and get your FitzBrick Profile Line Block. It will save you time and money.
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