What Are The Benefits Of Using Brick Line Clamps?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Brick Line Clamps?

There are two really tough jobs in construction. One is making sure your brick block wall is straight. The other is making sure your corners are square. Putting up a line is essential for both tasks.

It can take some time to get the line in the correct position. To solve the problem, a bricklaying expert with 40 years experience, designed the brick line clamp. It is the best tool possible to help you achieve a straight brick line as well as square corners.

The brick line clamp is easy to use and does not cost a lot to have in your construction tool arsenal. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of using this tool instead of the old-fashioned way of staking a line.

The Benefits Of the Brick line Clamps

As your construction career progresses, you will see a lot of bright people updating and upgrading older more traditional methods of constructing walls and fences.

The brick line clamp is just one of those many designs that help revolutionize the building of brick or block walls. Here are some of the benefits that come with using this ideal construction tool:

  • Easy To Use- The brick clamp is simple to operate and clamps onto the bricks very easily
  • Adjustable- You can adjust the width of the tool to make sure you can clamp it to the brick with ease.
  • One Tool Fits All Brick Sizes- With the adjustable design, you can attach this tool to a variety of brick widths.
  • Saves Time- Once on the brick you should not have to keep checking your line to see if it is straight. It grabs the brick and won’t let go
  • Quality construction- The top stainless steel construction materials make sure this tool is tough, durable, and reliable.
  • On-the-job tested- It is a tried and true tool that makes construction work a lot easier especially when you have tight or awkward corners to work on.
  • Easy To Store- When you compress the width, this tool will fit in some of the smaller places in your tool bag or shed.
  • Affordable- It is worth every penny as the time and trouble you save will make up for the cost of this tool
  • Lightweight- No straining your back or arms when you carry this tool to your construction site. It is a very lightweight device that is built to be strong


FitzBrick Clamp

The development of this revolutionary construction tool was 40 years in the making. This is the product for bricklayers who have long used the traditional methods of pulling a line so their work will be level when they are done.

It is designed by a bricklayer for bricklayers. When you use this tool you know someone had you in mind when they designed it.

The FitzBrick Clamp should cut down your construction time as it eliminates all the hard work of pulling a construction line. There are other brick clamps on the market right now but they are not as easy to use or as accurate as the FitzBrick Clamp.

Set up is easy and you can pull a straight line at the same time you are squaring the corners. In addition, you won’t be destroying or ruining any previous work.

This is a bricklaying tool that takes the hard work out of setting lines. It may not be the least expensive option in the market today, but when compared to the amount of time you save, this set of construction tools is well worth the investment.

More Brickwork Tools

The Brickwork Tools FitzBrick Clamp is not the only tool sold by us that will help you save time on the job site. When you need to set profile lines and keep those corner square, then the FitzBrick Profile Line Block tool is the device you need.

This device holds two lines at the same time so you can keep your exterior corners square and in perfect shape. Like the brick line clamp, this tool is easy to use and speeds up your set-up time immensely.

With the thumbscrew attachment, you can secure this profile line block to the brick you need it on. Once secured it is not going anywhere. You can work with peace of mind knowing the line is correct and square.

You can work faster and easier as your mind is on what you are doing and not worrying if the line is tight or out of line. The wing design holds onto the two sides of the brick ensuring the line is tight.

What People Are Saying About The FitzBrick Clamp

The reviews are coming in fast. The customers who have used this tool have nothing but praise for its ease of use, quality construction as well as being a great time saver.

They like how easy it is to set up and get it in position. Also, they like the construction quality of the tools saying they should last forever. Some customers also say that while they are not the cheapest brick line clamp option out there, it is money well spent for this model.

Finally, one customer is so impressed by how well these tools work, that they claim it is a must-have tool for any and all bricklayers.

Some Additional Words

When you are tired of lining up bricks the old-fashioned way, check out our lineup of brickwork tools. Our FitzBrick Clamp tool saves you time, effort, and money.

Visit our website today and see the demonstration video. Once you view you will be convinced that this is the tool for your bricklaying work.

The FitzBrick Clamp and the FitzBrick Profile Line Block are well-made and should last you a long time. Place your order now.

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