Top Tips For Maintaining And Caring For Brick Line Clamps In The UK Weather

Top Tips For Maintaining And Caring For Brick Line Clamps In The UK Weather

Tools are expensive. Whether they be for plumbing, automotive work, or for bricklaying. The UK weather will take its toll on all tools including brick line clamps if you do not take proper care of them.

Since brick line clamps are a speciality tool, you certainly do not want to let them get damaged by rain, cold weather, or even the hot summer weather. Special care is needed to maintain your brick line clamps as they are precision tools as well.

Protecting one’s tools means that you will always be ready for when the next job comes your way.

Understanding The Impact Of UK Weather On Brick Line Clamps

The UK is not known to have the greatest weather year in and year out. The weather in this country is not like the French Riviera where it is warm and mild most of the year.

The UK is often hampered by cold winds, rain, sleet as well as snow and these weather conditions take their toll on metal hand and power tools. This type of weather is perfect for rust and corrosion to form on unprotected metals.

Some of those unprotected metals are a part of your new brick line clamp you spend a lot of money purchasing. The rust and corrosion that attaches to the metal brick line clamp parts can ruin its precision and your ability to build a straight course.

If you do not take care of your brick line clamp and keep it protected when not in use, then you will find that you will be replacing it long before you actually had to. That is probably an expense you do not want to make.

Essential Maintenance Practices For Brick Line Clamps

One of the most essential work habits you can develop is the proper cleaning of your tools. This includes cleaning the brick line clamp when you are done for the day. Like your trowel and shovel, the brick line clamp needs to be cleaned so its surface stays flat and precise.

Because your brick line clamp gets a lot of use building a wall, it needs to be treated like you would screwdrivers hammers, trowels, and other metal tools. This means that when you go to clean those other hand tools, remove the brick line clamp and take it with you.

A good cleaning will protect the face of the brick linw clamp keeping it a valuable tool in your bricklaying arsenal. A good cleaning will also protect the adjustable screw from seizing up.

Make sure to take the brick line clamp apart and clean all the parts individually. That way you will know that you got all the dirt, dust, and mortar off the brick line clamp. Doing this will also keep the spring in top shape.

One of the things you do not want to do is ruin the spring on the FitzBrick Penny clamp. With a rusted or damaged spring, you won’t achieve the precision you need to build a straight and level course of bricks.

Protecting Brick Line Clamps From Rust And Corrosion In The UK Climate

This action just takes a little practice to do. Then it just takes time to turn this practice into a good habit at the end of the day. One of the first things to do when you want to protect your brick line clamp from rust and corrosion is to keep it dry.

If the brick line clamp gets wet, wipe it down as soon as you can. When you are moving up a course, take a look at the clamp and remove any moisture or wet mortar from its metal parts.

Another trick you can do is to wipe the brick line clamp with WD-40. This spray does more than loosen up rusted or seized nuts, bolts, and screws. The formula helps keep metal parts rust-resistant.

All you have to do is spray a little WD-40 onto the metal parts of the brick line clamp on a regular basis and those parts will be protected from rust and corrosion.

You do not have to spray a lot of this liquid onto your brick line clamp. Just enough to make sure it is evenly coated. If you do not want to spray WD-40 directly onto your brick line clamp, spray some on a soft cloth and wipe it down.

The key is to make sure you spread the spray evenly over the tool so it is completely protected.

Storing And Winterizing Brick Line Clamps: Preparing For Harsh Weather In The UK

The first strategy you need to implement is a little common sense. If other metal tools are kept in nice warm, dry tool sheds or boxes, then your brick clamp needs the same treatment.

You do not want to leave the clamp out exposed to the harsh winter elements with no protection. Keeping the moisture away is the way to store and winterize your brick line clamp. Make sure your brick line clamp is placed in an insulated shed so both hot and cold weather does not harm it.

If you see rust or corrosion on your brick line clamp, take some time to sand those destructive elements off. Then either before your brick line clamps get some rust or after you have sanded it off, rub some oil on the metal parts to protect it through the winter.

Don’t forget to buff off any excess and when you are done, your brick line clamp should survive for another year. Proper maintenance habits will keep your brick line clamp in top shape for a long time

Some Additional Words

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