Bricklaying Tips: How To Use Brick Line Clamps

Bricklaying Tips: How To Use Brick Line Clamps

Brick Line clamps are designed to help the bricklayer be more productive and cut down on their workload. Even though they are easy to use, you can always use some tips to get all the benefits out of owning one of these handy tools.

Improving your handling of a brick line clamp will ensure that you do a professional job that will impress both your boss and your client.

The Dos And Don'ts Of Brick Clamping

There are 2 or 3 different types of brick clamps you can buy. Not all are made well or will last a long time. Here are some do’s and don’ts of brick clamping:

#1. Dos

  • Do buy a branded brick line clamp. Pick a brick line clamp made by a reputable company
  • Do buy more than one so you have enough to handle the task at hand
  • Do buy a brick clamp that is flexible and easy to adjust
  • Do pay a little more for the brick clamp, they are built better

#2. Don’ts

  • Don’t overpay for a brick clamp. Stay within your budget
  • Don’t underpay for a brick clamp as they will not last very long and you pay more in the long run
  • Don’t buy those brick clamps made from plastic or other inferior materials

How To Choose The Right Brick Clamp For Your Needs

Picking the right brick line clamp for your next construction project is not going to be that tough. All you have to do is follow the guidelines below to make sure you are on the right track to buying the right brick line clamp.

  1. Check the dimensions- Can it hold all the sizes of bricks you are using on your project
  1. Adjustable- Will the brick clamp adjust as wide and as narrow as you need it
  1. Quality- Is it made from those materials that are top quality and tough enough to handle daily use
  1. Price- Make sure the cost is reasonable without sacrificing any quality

The FritzBrick Penny Clamp Can Solve Bricklaying Problems

As the wall rises, it can be difficult to continually adjust different brick line clamps and lines upwards. This problem is easily solved with the adjustable FritzBrick Penny Clamp and Fitzbrick Profile Line Block.

Both tools adjust easily so your wall goes up even and square. This ability to adjust easily solves your time schedule problem. You can be more productive and get that wall built on time.

Other problems these two tools solve include handling difficult locations. Some corners are not in the most ideal spot and it is hard to get to them. These two tools take the difficulty of those corners away and allow you to work easily and worry-free.

Also, the FitzBrick Clamp can fit all types of bricks. You do not have to stuff your tool kit with different brick line clamp models. All you need is one to handle every type of wall that you build.

The convenience will save you money and streamline your tool kit making it easier to carry and to get to the tools you need.

The Ultimate Guide To Brick Line Clamps: Everything You Need To Know!

When you go to Amazon or your local hardware store, you will notice that there are many different sizes and designs for brick line clamps. However, they are not all the same and they are all not up to the difficult task of laying a brick wall.

The key to buying a good brick line clamp is to make sure you are buying one that will handle all the bricklaying situations you run into on the job. While the cost may be higher than some of the other options, those made from strong stainless steel are the sturdiest and toughest models you can buy.

Then, you need to pick the brick clamp designed for the portion of the wall you are working on. Not all brick clamps will handle profile designs. If you buy the one that can’t do this job, you have to spend more time going out and getting one that can.

Brick Line clamps are easy to use but not all of them are easy to adjust. This is an ability you need to test before you reach the checkout counter. The tools may be simple in design but they do not always perform to expectations and work demands.

How Do You Use Brick Line Clamps?

Each brick line clamp has its own operating design. Most are not hard to use and they should come with instructions telling you how they are to be attached to the brick. Once you master the instructions, using the brick line clamp will be simple.

How Do You Lay The First Layer Of Brick?

The first step is to make sure you build a solid and level footer or foundation. Next, you start with the second brick and apply mortar to the head joint end of each brick. Once that is done, you shove the brick into place until the mortar is squeezed out.

Use a level to make sure your course is straight and level. You will want to place the level on all sides of the brick to make sure. If the brick is out of place, just tap it lightly to get it where it is supposed to go.

Continue to follow these steps until your first course is completed.

What Is A Fitzbrick?

Fitzbrick is a brand of bricklaying tools that takes half the work out of laying a brick wall. It comes in two designs, the Penny Clamp and the Profile Line Block. Both are easy to use and set up quickly.

Once in place, the line does not move and you can work worry-free. The only time you need to be concerned about the line is when you have to move it up to lay the next course.

These handy tools were designed by a bricklayer with 40 years of experience who wanted a better way to lay bricks for himself and his fellow bricklayers. It is the most important bricklaying line tool you will need.
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